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Summary Reports:

Neatly laid out on one page, summary dashboards offer Month to Date, Year to Date and Current conditions for your most important KPIs. Firm members can quickly identify issues, and with one-click detailed reports will open with additional information.

Detailing multiple aspects of firm information this data empowers users to make more effective decisions. All reports, grids and charts are dynamic, allowing firm members to uncover further detail with just a few clicks. The reports can be personalized within seconds and are easy to share by exporting to Excel. You can even open ProLaw directly from within Terminus Pro, for quick editing of information associated with Matters, Time Entry, Contacts and Calendar.


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Dynamic Reporting and Business Intelligence for Small to Medium Sized Law Firms

“As a non-profit firm we track and report on thousands of volunteers and the hours they’ve donated. Previously this has been a very lengthy process requiring hours of precious man-power. Since implementing Terminus Pro we can have this information to the right people in seconds, and it relieves our staff to do other things to fulfill our mission. We liked Terminus Pro’s out of the box functionality and it was easy to configure for our needs.” - Scot Moore, IT Director at Public Counsel, the Nation's Largest Pro Bono Law Firm



In just two clicks Terminus Pro™ intelligently pulls data from ProLaw and other data sources to create interactive, actionable intelligence for every role within a firm. Users are empowered and able to access their favorite dashboards and reports wherever they are, whenever they want! Terminus Pro™, maximizes return on IT investment while increasing productivity, profits, growth, transparency and overall client satisfaction!



Pre-Configured Dashboards


  • Personalized for Firm Partners, Attorneys and Finance Professionals. The one-page summary dashboard offers key numbers, statistics and reports that are most important to the user.

  • Visualization of Key Performance Indicators offers ability to track trends and identify business issues quickly

  • Details of reports are available with one click for additional data analysis and prompt decision making.

  • All reports, charts, graphs and grids are customizable and dynamic for on-demand business intelligence.

Detailed Reports:

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